[social sandbox] Kudos to STLPublicRadio, NPR Classical, ATC — and easily make an animated gif


Good morning everyone,

Lot going on today. 

1. @kelseyproud, @ericasmith, and @stlpublicradiohave done a wonderful job live tweeting what’s going on in Ferguson. All well worth a follow and shoutout from your accounts.

2. Want to make a gif from any Youtube video? You can use this link — it becomes really easy. 

3. Gwynne Villota sends along Buzzsumo — a website that allows you to see the most social content on any website, along with who’s shared your content and who is sharing content around a certain topic area. Here’s what it looks like for NPR.

4. Theo Balcomb shares this extremely successful use of Reddit for a “needle in a haystack booking assignment”: “Audie and I desperately wanted to include more military voices in the series.  But our idea meant I had a needle-in-a-haystack booking assignment.  Find a military family with many generations of service, all of whom have seen some kind of combat and can speak thoughtfully about what their commitment has meant and what it means to be a man. 

I had the idea to reach out to reddit – where there’d surely be some young guy who fit this profile.  Serri coordinated the callout.  Many calls later, I found my guys.  A father and son in rural Utah who had service members in their family going back to the Civil War.  Son is 24.  He saw the callout on reddit and emailed us.  They weren’t really familiar with npr, we wouldn’t have found them any other way.  And they were perfect.

5. Last Friday, Anastasia Tsioulcas and Thomas Huizenga picked up some new Twitter followers after being inspired by Bob Mondello to ask people if they needed any classical music recommendations. WNYC’s New Sounds, hosted by John Schaefer, hopped into the fray as well — which is a great example of how we can promote member station shows and networks through our own use of social media. Kudos to everyone involved! 

6. I gave a speech on how alternative membership models could change, enhance, and strengthen our relationship with public media and public media itself. 

7. And Alex Goldman, a producer at WNYC’s On The Media sends along this ATC theme song remix from Breakmaster Cylinder — Alex describes it as a “dubsteppy, hardcore synth remix featuring Lakshmi Singh.) 


Great insights from the NPR kids — per the usual :)